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How to effectively wash your hair

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Always thinking of washing your hair as a chore, you might be doing it wrong. Washing hair is one of the crucial steps towards healthier hair. 

Why wash your hair?

Just like the rest of the body our hair and scalp need cleansing.  Washing hair ensures the hair is moisturized as water is the number one moisturizer hence not washing hair on a regular basis deprives the hair of moisture leading to dry hair with lots of buildup which make it brittle and greasy. 

Steps of effective hair cleansing

1. Detangling

Well detangled hair is easier to wash and will make post shampooing detangling easier. 

Never detangle your hair when it's dry as this results to a lot of breakage. Always wet the hair and apply some conditioner to make the detangling process manageable while reducing breakage.

The detangling should begin from the ends and gently work your way to the root.

2. Shampooing

This process removes dirt, product build- up and dead skin cells from both the scalp and hair.

Use warm water to remove the conditioner used while detangling and wet hair. Never use hot water as it damages the hair.

Add the shampoo on the wet hair and with your fingertips do not nail create lather and massage the scalp then rinse with warm water. 

Rinsing the shampoo with warm water ensure the hair follicles are unclogged.

One can repeat the shampooing process if the hair still feels dirty but never do it more than once in a single wash as this will strip hair of its natural oils. 

Choose your shampoo well; it should be able to cleanse while not stripping all oils to a point the hair feeIs very rough and tangled. For this reason, I recommend using a or 2 in 1 shampoo that conditions and cleanses hence won't leave the hair empty of its natural oils. 

For best shampooing results that will hair clean and condition use, ClensySoaps 2in1 Shampoo.

3. Conditioning

After rinsing out all the shampoo from the hair. Wring hair of excess water and apply conditioner on the shafts of the hair strands. Do not massage it on the scalp as this might cause build-up. Leave it on the hair for about 10 minutes or as directed by the product. 

Detangle and rinse hair with cold water. Who wants cold water on their scalp, but yeah cold water ensures the oils and moisture that was absorbed from conditioner to hair follicle is sealed in. 

Dry with towel by patting and not rubbing vigorously as it may cause breakages and tangling.

4. Detangling 

Apply leave- in conditioner or treatment through the length of the hair and gently comb hair to detangle.

Treatment has emollients, humectants and give slip to the hair which allows detangling to be manageable.

It also protects the hair from heat damage if it is to be straightened or subjected to any type of styling that involves heat.

Once the hair is detangled style it in your preferred protective style and you are good to go.

If you are looking for a leave-in conditioner that will moisturize, tame unruly hair, protect the hair from heat damage while leaving a cooling sensation on the scalp try ClensySoaps leave-in conditioner & detangler. This formulation will detangle your hair leaving it smooth, shiny and nourished.

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