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Self-conscious about dandruff? Don't panic -how to treat dandruff.

That demeaning feeling when you see those white flakes on your scalp, sometimes they even get to your clothes and shoulder area. Let's not forget that itchy feeling that constantly forces you to scratch. This makes us self-conscious as it often sends out a message that you have a "dirty head"; hair and scalp.


Dead skin cells on the skin and scalp surface continuously flake off as pieces that are generally too small to be seen.

However dandruff occurs when the dead skin on our scalps stick together falling off in relatively large pieces visible to the human eye.

Symptoms of Dandruff

Skin flakes on the scalp

An itchy scalp

Scaly raised bumps on the scalp


Dry skin

During the cold season the cold air can dry out the skin and scalp. This could cause surface cells to come together to prevent more moisture from escaping hence dandruff . This may also be brought by washing the hair with water that is too hot.

Dandruff caused by dry skin has tiny flakes that are not oily.

Oily skin

Oil secreted by glands in the is called sebum. When excessive amount of oil is produced the scalp becomes too oily. Buildup of product from using a lot of hair products could also make the scalp oliy. This causes the dead skin cells to clump together causing an irritated scalp hence dandruff.

Dandruff flakes due to oily skin are bigger and my appear white.


Malassezia is a fungus that lives on the human scalp and feeds on the oils secreted from the sebaceous glands. Due to an overreaction of the fungus in some people it results in inflammation with results in dandruff.

Skin conditions 

Dandruff may occur as a result of certain skin conditions such as Psoriasis. This condition causes the skin cells to multiply at a much faster rate than they are being shed off resulting in a scaly inflamed scalp.

Poor hygiene is not a cause of dandruff, however, the flakes may appear more pronounced when washing and combing of the hair is rarely done.


Dandruff is not a serious condition and be managed or treated by using hair products that aimed at combating dandruff or OTC treatment products. This is achieved by;

  • Destroying the fungus on the scalp

  • Dealing with the underlying condition

  • Exfoliating dead skin

  • Moisturing the scalp; for dandruff caused by a  dry scalp.

Dandruff treatment products come in form of shampoos, ointments, sprays, lotions and balms. The products contain an active ingredient meant to deal with the dandruff. Some of these active ingredients include;

Zinc pyrithione

Inhibits the growth of the fungus/yeast Malassezia

Has anti- inflammatory effects which helps reduce itching.

Salicylic acid

This sloughs away flakes through gentle exfoliation.

It controls oil hence reduces oily build up from the scalp.

Selenium sulfide

Has antifungal properties to inhibit the growth Malassezia, the dandruff causing fungi.

Slows the death of skin cells.


Kills dandruff causing fungi.


This active ingredient sheds dead cells from the top layer and slows growth of skin cells.

For best results in fighting dandruffs use ClensySoaps  Antidundruff shampoo.

It contains Zinc pyrithione as the active ingredient which is antifungal to deal with the dandruff-causing fungi and anti-inflammatory properties for the itching. This special formula also contains methols which cools the scalp leaving it with a refreshing feeling after a wash.

Can't wash your scalp because you are wearing a protective style get yourself a ClensySoaps Antidundruff Braid Spray.

This contains salicylic acid as the active ingredient to get rid of the flakes through exfoliation while controlling oil. The spray is alcohol -free and has Aloe Vera extracts for treating anti- inflammation.(WhatsApp +254793963626 to order)

Don't let dandruff and the itching drag your confidence down, it is time to grab an antidundruff product, say goodbye to dandruff and feel confident again.

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