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About Us

We are a cosmetics and detergents company that specialises in the manufacture of body & skin care products, hair care products, detergents and fragrances. We pay particular attention to all standards to ensure quality products. In our ever evolving world, ClensySoaps always keeps up with trends through innovation to provide affordable products that meet the ever evolving consumer needs.

Our Story

ClensySoaps was began by Quincy Pete, a visionary individual passionate about cosmetics. It began as detergents company with the aim of offering affordable quality products to the market /consumers while providing employment to the youth.  The company eventually expanded to making hair products then skin care products and is now an innovative place for cosmetic and detergents.


We are passionate about giving you that exciting and jovial mood when you are cleaning, cleansing and adorning yourself through our meticulously formulated products. We pride in ensuring confidence for each personality through our variety of products to cater for all preferences because we believe in diversity.

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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